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Following a successful career in inspirational television, the exposure and trust enabled Abigale to capture and creatively retell stories from the voiceless and abused to celebrity Gospel artists like Grammy Award-winning Kirk Franklin to American R&B, Gospel Singer and Actress Ann Nesby from Sounds of Blackness. The Legendary Clark Sisters Karen Clark Sheard, Dorinda Clark Cole and Kierra Sheard daughter of Karen Clark Sheard,  former Heavyweight World Champion Lennox Lewis, Emma Stark and Stellar Awards nominee Micah Stampley to name a few! Her work has led her to host premier events on stages such as the O2 Arena Indigo and behind the scenes at Gospel Festival Wembley Arena.


Abigale's relentless commitment to making a difference won her recognition from The Christian Broadcasting Council for the television series she created Express Yourself. Scooping her an award for the best factional barrier-breaking depiction of domestic violence on British Christian television. Interestingly, it was in 2012 that she felt strongly it was time to reinvent herself and diversify her skillset by expanding her path in serving and helping people in a holistic way. Today, as a transformational coach, specializing in helping men, women and young people to develop sustainable confidence and relentlessly finding their voice. Out of this passion and mission to help and inspire the masses were birthed two podcasts Motivational Monday Podcast and later Unshakeable Stories Unshakeable Truths. Motivational Monday has been cited by Player FM as one of the Best Motivational podcasts of 2018.


Honing in and utilizing her journalist production skills and passion for inspiring the masses Abigale launched Unshakeable Stories and Unshakeable Truths. Where she interviews an array of outstanding Trailblazers, Pastors, Entrepreneurs, and Innovators retelling their success stories, and highlighting their darkest, valley moments with the hope it will encourage and provide leverage to her audience. Walking in the dark is inevitable on the pathway to making an impact and touching lives. Her work has opened international doors. Abigale often delivers coaching and motivational workshops for universities, and coaches high school and college graduates in the UK, South East Asia and Kenya, on themes around Leadership and Calling, Developing a Growth Mindset and Soaring with Unshakeable Confidence and Clarity!

There is greatness within you
Abigale Otchere
Abigale Otchere
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