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Transformational Career & Confidence Coaching with Abigale

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The Questions

Do you ever find yourself thinking

‘I’ve lost my confidence’

I’m unsure of my life’s purpose.’

‘I’m tired of playing it safe’

‘I’m unsure whether my skills and

experience fit today’s job market”

‘Things just aren’t working out for me at work or at home’

Feeling like you’re off course can be both worrying and stressful.


But you are not alone.

As a qualified trainer, tutor and life coach, I am here to help you identify and
address both the inner and outer difficulties holding you back, allowing you to
move forwards with confidence.
Following a successful career in television, I pursued one of my life goals of becoming
a transformational coach. I have since worked in both the UK, South East Asia, Africa
where I coached adults and students around the themes of confidence, motivation
and life skills. I also regularly host confidence and motivation workshops
across London. Having experienced first-hand what it is like to feel off-track
and lost – and having dramatically altered my life, turning negatives into
positives to experience big successes – I am both highly experienced and
expertly placed to help guide you through your own period of uncertainty.

Image by Jen Theodore

Let Me Help you Get the Answers

Whether you are a professional entering a phase of transition due to
Post COVID-19 redundancy or restructuring; a parent returning to the workplace after a
career break; an individual in need of a confidence boost for a particular
event, such as a public-speaking engagement or interview; or even if you are
simply feeling anxious, uninspired and in need of a motivational boost, I can
help you.

If you are ready to take back control of your life, I am here to coach you,
regardless of the current situation you find yourself in. I am not here to tell
you how to live your life; instead I will show you how to remove your limiting
beliefs and disappointments, so you know exactly what it means to be
‘yourself’ in any situation.

You’ll find yourself thinking more clearly and
coming up with instant solutions to dilemmas, turning every situation into an

I have many different techniques to help you identify who you are, what you
want to achieve, and how to get there as quickly and as swiftly as possible.

Together, we will explore how to turn your dreams into realistic goals, and
discover your purpose and direction.

If you would like to find out more about me and my coaching style, please
have a read of my blogs [link] and subscribe to my podcast [link]. If you’re
ready to find out how we can work together, feel free to book a
complimentary 30-minute discovery call [link] today, or call me [link] to find
out whether you are eligible for three free coaching sessions.
As your coach, let me help ignite the greatness in you.


Image by Nghia Le



30-minute discovery call. The aim here is to give you a taster of the way I work and for you to ascertain whether coaching is a suitable fit for you.

I believe in being a helping hand in your life and the first step in that is ensuring we are a good fit for each-other.

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